OASIS TC Handbook

Standing Rules

Standing rules can be adopted by a TC in order to further refine the rules under which a TC operates, such as deciding to conduct all business online via electronic ballot, or to allow motions to open electronic ballots to be made, seconded and discussed on the TC's mailing list.

They may be adopted, amended, or rescinded by Full Majority Vote of the TC. The TC may not adopt standing rules or other Resolutions related to IPR, quorum requirements, membership, voting, participation, or that otherwise conflict with or supersede any OASIS Board-approved policy. In order to be enforceable, a standing rule must be published on the TC home page.

Approval of a Standing Rule

  1. A standing rule must be approved by a Full Majority Vote of the TC. The motion must include the full text as it should appear on the TC home page.
  2. Upon approval, the Chair or other representative of the TC must notify TC Administration by completing a Standing Rule Request.

UPON RECEIPT, TC Administration will:

If the standing rule is found to be in conflict with any OASIS policies, the TC Administrator will rescind the rule and explain the finding to the TC.


Please report any errors or corrections to the OASIS TC Administrator. Thank you!