OASIS TC Handbook

Committee Draft Public Reviews

While feedback may be submitted to a Technical Committee at any time through the TC's comment mailing list, a Public Review is a formal request to the community for feedback on a Committee Note Draft or Committee Specification Draft.

Before a Work Product can be approved as a Committee Note or a Committee Specification, it must complete a (minimum) 30-day Public Review. The TC may request the review remain open for a longer period of time.

Requesting a public review

Upon approval by Full Majority Vote of the TC to submit a CND or CSD for Public Review, the Chair or other representative of the TC must notify TC Administration by completing either a 30-day Committee Specification Draft Public Review Request (if the first Public Review) or a 15-day Committee Specification Draft Creation and Upload Request (for additional Public Reviews).

UPON RECEIPT, TC Administration will:


All feedback must be submitted via the TC's comment list; no TC Member should forward a comment that was sent to them privately to the TC mailing list. Members of the TC must submit their feedback directly to the TC mailing list.

A Comment Resolution Log must be maintained. For each comment received, it should contain:

Further Changes

If any changes are made to a Work Product following a Public Review, another (minimum 15-day) Public Review must be conducted before the Work Product can be approved as a Committee Note or Committee Specification.

A Work Product that has been approved by the TC as CNPRD or CSPRD may be further revised by continuing to make modifications to the Working Draft, OR the TC may approve by Full Majority Vote to submit the CNPRD or CSPRD for further approval as either a Committee Note or Committee Specification, as appropriate.

NOTE: Only CNPRDs and CSPRDs can be submitted for Committee Note or Committee Specification ballot; a CND or CSD must first be submitted for Public Review.


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Please report any errors or corrections to the OASIS TC Administrator. Thank you!