OASIS TC Handbook

Committee Note Drafts

Committee Note Draft (CND) is the first level approval stage on the Non-Standards Track. CNDs are identified by stage identifier and approval date.


IMPORTANT: Before a Working Draft is approved as a CND by a TC, the editor should carefully review the document to ensure it meets the Work Product Quality Requirements. The Work Product Quality Checklist is designed for this purpose. If problems are encountered during the quality review the editor will need to make the necessary changes, upload a new Working Draft to the TC repository, and then request the TC to approve the new Working Draft.


Approval of a Committee Note Draft

  1. A Working Draft must be approved by a Full Majority Vote of the TC as a Committee Note Draft (CND) before any further lifecycle progression can occur.
  2. The motion to approve at CND level must include the Working Draft identifier for a resource which has been published at the time of the motion, including: title, publication date, and URI. For the Working Draft URI, please provide a link to a ZIP file containing all of the necessary resources, including the editable source of the Working Draft and any related resources such as namespace document drafts, XML schema files, XML instances, and all files that are part of the Work Product.
  3. Upon approval, the Chair or other representative of the TC must notify TC Administration by completing a Committee Note Draft Creation and Upload Request.

UPON RECEIPT, TC Administration will:

NOTE: TC Administration uses OpenOffice to process .odt files. If you are using a different application to maintain these files it is possible that the page layout and formatting will not be the same due to implementation differences.

A Work Product that has been approved by the TC as CND may be further revised by continuing to make modifications to the Working Draft, OR the TC may approve by Full Majority Vote to submit the CND for Public Review.

NOTE: Only CNDs can be approved for Public Review; a Working Draft must first be approved as a CND. The motion must include the CND revision number and date of approval and be recorded in the meeting minutes.

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Please report any errors or corrections to the OASIS TC Administrator. Thank you!