OASIS TC Handbook

Standards Track Templates

Templates are no longer available for download; instead, they must be requested by completing a Work Product Registration and Template Request. A template will then be prepared specifically for the Work Product requested, including the addition of custom properties. There is only one template style for Standards Track Work Products; if your project requires a document with a different look and feel, please contact the TC Administrator who will be happy to review your request. Providing a sample document will help expedite the process.

A Work Product should never be started by taking an existing document and attempting to reuse the template. Any Working Drafts submitted that are not using the proper template will be rejected.

When you receive your template you will notice that it has no cover page or Notices section. Since this template is only used for Working Drafts which have no official standing within the TC Process these elements have been removed.

When a Working Draft is approved by a TC as a Committee Specification Draft, a Committee Specification Draft Creation / Upload Request is submitted. TC Administration will then review the submission and if no defects are found, will then prepend the cover page with the proper metadata, boilerplate and Notices, generate the TOC, and create the HTML and PDF formats.

Please review the Work Product Quality Checklist before approving a Working Draft as a CSD; any defects will result in the TC having to approve a new Working Draft.

By shifting the responsibility for the cover page metadata to TC Administration, we hope to eliminate the vast majority of problems found at QC time and further shorten the turnaround time on requests.


Please report any errors or corrections to the OASIS TC Administrator. Thank you!