OASIS TC Handbook

Committee Specifications

Committee Specification (CS) is the next level of approval on the Standards Track. CSs are identified by stage identifier and approval date.


Approval of a Committee Specification

  1. Only Committee Specification Public Review Drafts can be approved as Committee Specifications. A Special Majority Ballot is required and must be conducted by the OASIS TC Administrator. The TC must first approve a motion to request a Special Majority Ballot which must include the CSPRD number and approval date.
  2. Upon approval, the Chair or other representative of the TC must notify TC Administration by completing a Committee Specification Ballot Request.

UPON RECEIPT, TC Administration will:


A Work Product that has been approved by the TC as a CS may be further revised by continuing to make modifications to the Working Draft; may be further advanced, or may be the end state for the Work Product. Often a Work Product will remain at the Committee Specification stage for a period of time while implementations are developed and tested. Only when a TC has received at least three Statements of Use from OASIS Organizational Members certifying that they have successfully implemented or are using the specification in accordance with the specification's conformance clause(s) is the TC able to progress the Work Product to Candidate OASIS Standard and submit it for OASIS Standard ballot.

NOTE: Only CSs can be further advanced as Candidate OASIS Standards (COS).


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Please report any errors or corrections to the OASIS TC Administrator. Thank you!