OASIS TC Handbook


OASIS TC Handbook

Whether you're a new OASIS member, an experienced Technical Committee Chair, or somewhere in between, we hope this handbook will become a valuable resource.

There are two main categories: Reference and How do I ...? Each is then further subdivided into topics. The google search bar at the top of each page will search the contents of the Handbook for relevant pages.

This is a work-in progress; the goal is to provide a single resource to all your TC-related questions and more. The contents will continually be updated and new material added as the need arises. Please be sure to submit any bug reports or requests for additional topics!

Note: An earlier version of the OASIS TC Handbook is still available online and contains some valuable information. However, that vintage-2008 information is only partly accurate/relevant and should not be trusted for guidance under the OASIS TC Process and OASIS Naming Directives effective October 15, 2010. Please use the new edition of the Handbook (this document) in the general case, and consult with the OASIS TC Administrator when the older vintage-2008 Handbook raises doubt.


The Staff at OASIS

Please report any errors or corrections to the OASIS TC Administrator. Thank you!