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Specification Lifecycle

From initial contributions through OASIS Standard, the OASIS specification lifecycle defines the process and approval levels for all committee work. There are five stages:

In addition, Errata can be approved for OASIS Standards.


Timeline for Specification Lifecycle

It's impossible to generalize on the amount of time it takes from a Technical Committee's first meeting to OASIS Standard. The amount of time spent depends on numerous factors, including:

Once a work product is ready for its initial Public Review, it takes a minimum of five (5) months to reach OASIS Standard status. The Public Review to OASIS Standard spreadsheet will help calculate timelines.

This video will introduce you to the spreadsheet and its usage.


IPR Considerations

The OASIS TC Process defines two levels of work products produced by a Technical Committee:

See the OASIS IPR Policy for more details on obligations incurred.


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