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OASIS Standard

OASIS Standard is the highest level of approval of a Technical Committee work product. Unlike all prior levels of approval, OASIS Standards are approved by the OASIS organizational membership rather than individual Voting Members of a committee.



  1. Chair submits a formal request to TC Administrator by the 15th of the month. (Submissions received after the 15th will be considered the following month.)
  2. TC Administrator reviews submission
    1. Works with Chair to rectify any defects; if necessary, rejects submission
  3. On the 1st of the following month the TC Administrator announces the upcoming ballot to the OASIS membership
  4. On the 16th of that month the TC Administrator creates the ballot. The ballot remains open until the last day of the month at 11:45pm ET. An announcement is sent to the OASIS membership as well as to the voting representatives
  5. On the first business day following ballot close, the TC Administrator announces the results:
    1. ballot passed,
    2. ballot passed, but negative votes received, or
    3. ballot failed (due to insufficient votes or negative votes).
  6. In the case of (b.), the Technical Committee has thirty (30) days to decide by Special Majority Vote to:
    1. request the TC Administrator to approve the specification as submitted despite the negative votes;
    2. withdraw the submission entirely; or
    3. submit an amended specification, in which case the amended submission shall be considered as if it were a new submission, except that information regarding previous votes and any disposition of comments received in previous votes shall accompany the amended submission.

OASIS Standards are identified by date of approval by the OASIS membership or in the case of (b.) above, by the date of affirmation by the Technical Committee:

OASIS Standard



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