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Committee Specification

Committee Specification is the highest level of approval within a Technical Committee; it is an OASIS Final Deliverable and as such carries specific IPR obligations.

Committee Specification ballots must be conducted by the OASIS TC Administrator and run electronically for a period of at least 7 days.

Once the Technical Committee is satisfied with the work product, all comments have been resolved, and no further substantive changes have been made, the Chair submits a request to the TC Administrator to run the ballot.

After the ballot has closed the TC Administrator will notify the committee of the results. If the ballot has passed, a new iteration of the work product will be prepared noting the new status and approval date.

Committee Specifications are identified by number and date of approval by the committee:

Committee Specification ##


Note: The Committee Specification ballot request may contain a Designated Cross-Reference clause which may result in a delay of approval.


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