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60-day Public Review

The purpose of a public review is to solicit feedback from non-TC members on the specification under development in hopes that a broader review will help spot errors, clarify any ambiguities, and improve the overall quality of the work.


  1. Technical Committee approves the latest iteration of the work product as a Committee Draft.
  2. Technical Committee then approves submitting the work product for a 60-day Public Review.
  3. Editor prepares Public Review Draft
  4. Chair submits request to TC Administrator
  5. TC Administrator reviews submission
    1. Return for defects
    2. Announce to OASIS Membership and interested parties

During the public review period, comments are sent to the Technical Committee comment e-mail list. Comments are typically discussed by the committee as they are received. All submitted comments must be discussed by the committee, with the resolutions noted in a comment log.

At the end of the review period, the Technical Committee can:


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