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TC Process Policy Related Resources

Last Updated: 15 January 2019

TC Handbook

14 Dec. 2016: This copy of the TC Handbook is badly outdated and should not be relied on for up-to-date guidance. Contact TC Administration for current resources.The TC Handbook contains a detailed description of the Work Product Lifecycle, including Work Product Quality Requirements and an accompanying Checklist. It includes instructions on requesting templates, and what happens at each approval stage of a Work Product. Additionally there are "how to's" for numerous everyday tasks.

Naming Directives

The following document is intended to supplement the OASIS TC Process Policy. The requirements are enforced as part of Work Product Quality.

Naming Directives


Work Product Templates

There are currently four Work Product templates: one for the Standards Track and three for the Non-Standards Track (basic, white paper, and presentation). If you are embarking on a project that you feel needs a different template, please contact the OASIS TC Administrator to discuss your requirements.

Microsoft Word and OpenOffice Writer templates are no longer available for download; instead, a Work Product Registration and Template Request must be submitted to TC Administration. Upon receipt of a valid request, a customized document template will be returned to you that includes information specific to the registered Work Product. These templates must not be used for any other Work Products; any Work Product submitted using a template other than the one provided will be rejected.

TCs using the DocBook template will continue to use the one available here for download.


DocBook XML Templates for OASIS Specifications (.html, .xml, .pdf)

DocBook XML Templates for OASIS Notes (.html, .xml, .pdf)

DocBook XML Online/Offline Publishing Environments and Methodology (.html, .xml, .pdf, .zip) (includes copy of DocBook XML template)

NOTE: The DocBook templates were provided courtesy of Ken Holman. Any questions, comments or bug reports will be forwarded to Ken.

Alternatively, OASIS members can create a JIRA ticket in the DocBook Stylesheet Development (DSSD) project at https://issues.oasis-open.org/projects/DSSD/issues/.


XHTML Template (.html)

XHTML CSS Stylesheet (.css)

XHTML User Guide (.html)

OASIS Logo - pre-2019

OASIS Logo - current

Work Product Quality Checklist

Work Product Quality Checklist

TC Public Page Template


XHTML Template (.html)

Template Instructions

TC FAQ Template

Some general questions to be answered when starting a new Technical Committee.

TAB Recommended Questions

TC Administration Request forms

These forms must be used to submit requests to TC Administration. When a form is submitted, a copy is automatically uploaded into the JIRA issue tracking system as well as sent to the submitter and the TC mailing list. This allows us to ensure proper scheduling and tracking of each request.

TC Administration Requests

Conformance Guidelines

The OASIS Technical Advisory Board prepared the following set of guidelines to help Technical Committees draft Conformance Statements, as now required by the TC Process.

Conformance Guidelines - 25 April 2014

Conformance Guidelines - 4 Sept 2007

Starting a New Technical Committee

TC Scheduler - Spreadsheets and flash tutorial on planning Technical Committee formation and lifecycle timelines.

Excel Workbook

ODS Workbook

Flash Tutorial

Mind Maps

14 Dec. 2016: The Mind Maps are badly outdated and should not be relied on for up-to-date guidance. Contact TC Administration for current resources.

Several MindMaps have been created by the OASIS TC Administrator as visual overviews to various sections of the TC Process Policy and other related information. They are not normative; the TC Process Policy should be referred to for the specific rules governing any particular TC-related procedure.
NOTE: THESE ARE NOW OUT OF DATE. New resources are currently under development.

The Editorial Challenge - Editor Training Session at Symposium 2007


TC Formation Process - a map detailing the process by which a new Technical Committee is formed, including timelines.


TC Administration Requests - a map showing the requisite information to be included in any formal request by a TC Chair or Secretary.


Specification Lifecycle - a map showing the progression of a specification from working draft through OASIS Standard and Errata.


TC Ballots - a map identifying - for each type of action defined in the TC Process - the type of ballot required.


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