OASIS Committee Public Homepage Template Instructions


The template consists of boilerplate sections, sample text, and comments describing the intended purpose of each component of the overall template. In general, if your TC does not make use of a particular section, you should comment out both the TOC entry and the actual section. It is recommended that you do not delete the entries as they may be needed in the future.

It is anticipated that the person responsible for updating the TC's public home page will be familiar with XHTML markup and the use of HTML editors. The Kavi interface is inadequate for authoring/editing content longer than a sentence or two; instead it is recommended that an external editor be used.

Downloading the Template

The template is located at docs.oasis-open.org/templates/TCPublicPageTemplate.htm. To download the template, do one of the following:

Understanding the Template

The template contains XHTML markup, commented instructions, a hyperlinked table of contents, individual section headings, boilerplate, and placeholder text. It is strongly recommended that any sections deemed inapplicable for a given TC be commented out rather than deleted so that they remain available for future use.

If a section does not apply, please remember to comment out both the TOC entry and the particular section.

Inserting Public Page Content using Kavi Interface

NOTE: To place the newly created/edited information into Kavi, you must be assigned the role of either Chair or Secretary.

  1. Navigate to the TC members home page (http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/[tcname])
  2. Locate the Group Notes section
  3. Click on Edit (located to the right of the Group Notes heading)
  4. A new page will open (http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/[tcname]/manage/edit_notes.php )
  5. Locate the Note text box (the first text box displayed).
  6. Ignore the explanatory text; OASIS has customized the application so that any content is displayed to both members and the outside world. If there is existing content in the Note field, delete it.
  7. Copy the edited XHTML text and paste it into the Note text box.
  8. Do NOT edit the Group Description content; this is created and maintained by OASIS Marketing staff.
  9. When done, click on the Submit Changes button located at the bottom of the page.

The following information is contained in the template itself; it is repeated here for easy reference. Should you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the OASIS Staff Contact assigned to your Technical Committee.

Table of Contents

The Table of Contents has been created to provide a consistent look and feel across all OASIS Technical Committee public pages. If you feel that your TC requires additional categories, please notify Carol Geyer.


The announcement section provides links to time-sensitive information on TC activities, such as:

It is very important to keep this section up-to-date, removing items as they become old.


Brief description (50-100 words) of the TC's mission and goals. Tone should be introductory in nature, suitable for an editor or novice seeking to quickly understand the basic purpose of this effort. Conclude with: For more information see the TC Charter [link] and FAQ [link].


If the TC has any subcommittees, they should be listed here:

When linking to the subcommittee page, please use the following format:


This will ensure that the link will work for non-OASIS members. Also note that the short form frequently used for Technical Committee public pages (http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/[committee]) will not work for subcommittee pages.

TC Liaisons

The OASIS TC Process describes the process of selecting one or more TC Members to serve as TC Liaison. Briefly: "The selection of the liaison and any invitation to other organizations to provide a liaison should be by vote of the relevant TC... The selection of the liaison must be communicated to the OASIS President, and the liaison must be listed on the web page of the TC.."

Format: for each TC Liaison relationship (OASIS TC liaised to external group), provide a list item containing the name of the WG/TC/Working Party for another organization (with hyperlink URI reference for the peer WG/TC/WP or organization), the name of the OASIS representative in the OASIS TC (with mailto: email address), and affiliation of the OASIS representative (with URI reference for the representative's affiliated organization).

[Fictitious example to illustrate content/structure/markup/layout:]

TC Tools and Approved Publications

Provide links for any/all of the following five resources which have been set up for use by the TC, but omit reference for any not set up: OASIS Library, TC Wiki, Issues Management (JIRA), Version Control (SVN), [WebConf] Meeting Management. Please follow the order as illustrated in this example for the OASIS IDCloud TC. If your TC uses an online Meeting Management tool other than WebConf, you may create a substitute (short) label in place of "WebConf". TCs may wish to ensure that WebConf or other Meeting Management forum is access cotrolled.

[An example from 2013-06-13 to illustrate content/structure/markup/layout:]

Technical Work Produced by the Committee

Need not be a comprehensive list, but should include links to the most current and relevant deliverables produced and approved by the TC, such as:

OASIS Standards and specifications should be listed primarily by highest order of approval, then by most recent version. Each listing should cite:

If the Committee uses an OASIS-hosted wiki, a link to it should also be included here.

Expository Work Produced by the Committee

This need not be a comprehensive list, but should include links to the most useful and current supporting materials produced and approved by the TC, such as:

External Resources

This need not be a comprehensive list, but should include links to the most useful and current supporting materials produced by members of the TC (on behalf of themselves or their employers) and other third parties. For press releases and less formal commentary or news, see the section below "Press Coverage and Commentary". List here:

Mailing Lists and Comments

This section provides information on all publicly archived mailing lists pertaining to the TC, such as:

Each list entry should include:

NOTE: If referencing the TC's comment list, please be sure to use the link to the Comment Submission page rather than a direct mailto: so that anyone wishing to submit a comment understands the terms of contribution.

Press Coverage and Commentary

Insert here a list of URI references for press releases about TC work published by OASIS or others, and for external resources (news/commentary/blogs) published outside OASIS.

Additional Information

Content not covered in any of the sections above, but deemed significant by the TC should be listed here, e.g.,