The related information links of a topic (<related-links> element) are stored in a special section following the body of the topic. After a topic is processed into its final output form, the related links are usually displayed at the end of the topic, although some Web-based help systems might display them in a separate navigation frame.

Links specified within the <related-links> element are typically displayed together with links generated based on a map context; see DITA linking for more information on map based linking.

Processing notes:
  1. Links within a <linklist> element must appear in the order defined, while those outside of a linklist may be sorted and displayed in a different order or location (based upon their role, target, importance, or other qualifiers).
  2. PDF output typically ignores hierarchical links such as those with roles of ancestor, parent, child, descendant, next, previous, or sibling, although this behavior is not required.

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