The <resourceid> element provides an identifier for applications that require them in a particular format, when the normal id attribute of the topic can't be used. Each resourceid entry should be unique. It is one of the metadata elements that can be included within the prolog of a topic, along with document tracking and product information, etc. The element has no content, but takes an id attribute and an appname attribute.


no content

Contained by





Name Description Data Type Default Value Required?
id The value used a specific application to identify the topic. CDATA #REQUIRED No
appname Contains the name of the application that will use the resource id to identify the topic. CDATA #IMPLIED No
%global-atts; (xtrf, xtrc) A set of related attributes, described at %global-atts; parameter entity PE not applicable Not applicable
class Not for use by authors. If an editor displays class attribute values, do not edit them. The class attribute supports specialization. Its predefined values help the output transforms work correctly with ranges of related content. CDATA #IMPLIED No


<resourceid id="sqlid00375" appname="dbaccess"/>

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