The <navref> element references a map file from within a map file. The reference is resolved at runtime for Eclipse navigation, typically to pull together the navigation for multiple components into a product navigation. This element is for runtime resolution of references, and is for navigation only. It is currently only supported by Eclipse output.

For build-time integration, you can use the conref attribute on an element inside the map (for example, a topicref) to pull in content from a matching element (for example, another topicref) in another map.


no content

Contained by

map, topicref, topichead, topicgroup





In this example, the map titled "MyComponent tasks" references the maps "othermap2.ditamap" and "othermap3.ditamap".
<map title="MyComponent tasks">
<navref mapref="../"/>
<navref mapref="../"/>

OASIS DITA Language Specification v1.0 -- 09 May 2005
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