The long quote (<lq>) element indicates content quoted from another source. Use the quote element <q> for short, inline quotations, and long quote <lq> for quotations that are too long for inline use, following normal guidelines for quoting other sources. You can store a URL to the source of the quotation in the href attribute.


( text data or ph or codeph or synph or filepath or msgph or userinput or systemoutput or b or u or i or tt or sup or sub or uicontrol or menucascade or term or xref or cite or q or boolean or state or keyword or option or parmname or apiname or cmdname or msgnum or varname or wintitle or tm or p or note or dl or parml or ul or ol or sl or pre or codeblock or msgblock or screen or lines or fig or syntaxdiagram or imagemap or image or object or table or simpletable or draft-comment or required-cleanup or fn or indextermref or indexterm) (any number)

Contained by

body, section, example, desc, p, note, li, itemgroup, dd, fig, stentry, draft-comment, fn, linkinfo, entry, conbody, prereq, context, info, tutorialinfo, stepxmp, choice, choptionhd, chdeschd, choption, chdesc, stepresult, result, postreq, refsyn, proptypehd, propvaluehd, propdeschd, propdesc, pd




Name Description Data Type Default Value Required?
href A hyperlink representing a bibliographic citation to resources that can be accessed by browsers (meaning a URL). The href attribute identifies the destination of the resource using conventional URL syntax. CDATA #IMPLIED No
keyref Currently not implemented in DITA processors. Provides a key that a process can use to look up associated information. NMTOKEN #IMPLIED No
type Indicates the location of the source of the quote. Allowable values are:
the href is to a Web site
the href is to a DITA topic
the href is to a specialized bibliographic topic. Currently not supported in DITA.
(external | internal | bibliographic) #IMPLIED No
reftitle The title of the document or topic being quoted. CDATA #IMPLIED No
%univ-atts; (%select-atts;, %id-atts;, translate, xml:lang) A set of related attributes, described at %univ-atts; parameter entity PE not applicable Not applicable
%global-atts; (xtrf, xtrc) A set of related attributes, described at %global-atts; parameter entity PE not applicable Not applicable
class, outputclass Common attributes described in Other common DITA attributes


<p>This is the first line of the address that 
Abraham Lincoln delivered on November 19, 1863 for the dedication 
of the cemetery at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.</p>
<lq>Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new
nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men
are created equal.</lq>

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