The <anchor> element is used for runtime integration of navigation. It provides an integration point that another map can point to in order to insert its navigation into the current navigation tree. It is currently supported by Eclipse output only.

For build-time integration, you can use the conref attribute on an element inside the map (for example, a topicref) to pull in content from a matching element (for example, another topicref) in another map.


no content

Contained by

map, topicref, topichead, topicgroup




Name Description Data Type Default Value Required?
id The id of the anchor, to distinguish it from other anchor points in the same map. ID #IMPLIED No
%global-atts; (xtrf, xtrc) A set of related attributes, described at %global-atts; parameter entity PE not applicable Not applicable
class A common attribute described in Other common DITA attributes


In this example, an anchor is defined with an ID of "a1". This ID can be referenced by the anchorref attribute on another map's map element.
<map title="MyComponent tasks">
<topicref navtitle="Start here" href="" toc="yes"> Start here
<navref mapref="othermap2.ditamap"/>
<navref mapref="othermap3.ditamap"/>
<anchor id="a1"/>

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