Universal Business Process 1.0 - Part 1

Universal Business Language 1.0 ebBP 2.0 Business Process Definitions

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April 2006

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Stephen Green <stephen_green@bristol-city.gov.uk>

Sacha Schlegel <sschlegel@cyclonecommerce.com>


These ebBP 2.0 artefacts define business processes for use with both default UBL (1.0) and UBL (1.0) Small Business Subset document schemas in a context of Procurement.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction

2 Business Process Definitions

3 References

4 Notices

1 Introduction

These business process definitions represent in the syntax of the Electronic Business using eXtensible Markup Language (ebXML) Business Process (ebBP) version 2.0 those functions common to procurement transactions which are officially supported by the Universal Business Language (UBL) 1.0 document definitions and provide for processes using these UBL documents. The definitions include support for the implementation guidelines provided in the UBL 1.0 Small Business Subset (SBS) which seek to maximize interoperability between large and small business implementations. They do so by providing separate definitions for implementers wishing to specify a requirement to comply with the subset and to use the ebBP layer of the ebXML framework for specifying this. Corresponding definitions not specifying use of the subset are provided too.

Each definition is provided with a universally unique identifier (uuid) so that the definitions may be referenced, as required, in collaboration protocol profiles and agreements and in other trading partner agreements. In particular they may be referenced in profiles and agreements which use the ebXML Collaboration Protocol Profile (ebCPP) and Collaboration Protocol Agreements (ebCPA) standards.

2 Business Process Definitions

These definitions cover the main processes of basic procurement according to the eight UBL 1.0 document types which are:

Order Response
Order Response Simple
Order Change
Order Cancellation
Despatch Advice
Receipt Advice

These definitions are modular and can be reused to create more complex collaborations in further definitions. For example, the order cancellation and receipt advice transactions or collaborations can be reused to produce a further collaboration with an 'AND' fork and join. This could be for use when all the goods are returned and the order is cancelled (such as for an approval order resulting from a seller-substituted order response).

The business process definitions are each provided in a separate file to allow reuse by those who, say, do not wish to implement all of the UBL document files or do not wish to support each and every one of these processes and wish to state this in their trading profiles and agreements by referencing certain process definitions and not others. They are located in the main directory of this package, as listed below.

Create Order - not allowing for order modification by seller
without SBS ebxmlbp-2.0_ubl-1-order-with-simple-response-1.xml
with SBS ebxmlbp-2.0_ubl-1-sbs-order-with-simple-response-1.xml
Create Order - allowing for order modification by seller
without SBS ebxmlbp-2.0_ubl-1-order-with-complex-response-1.xml
with SBS ebxmlbp-2.0_ubl-1-sbs-order-with-complex-response-1.xml
Change Order - not allowing for order modification by seller
without SBS ebxmlbp-2.0_ubl-1-order-change-with-simple-response-1.xml
with SBS ebxmlbp-2.0_ubl-1-sbs-order-change-with-simple-response-1.xml
Change Order - allowing for order modification by seller
without SBS ebxmlbp-2.0_ubl-1-order-change-with-complex-response-1.xml
with SBS ebxmlbp-2.0_ubl-1-sbs-order-change-with-complex-response-1.xml
Cancel Order - not allowing for denial or acceptance response
without SBS ebxmlbp-2.0_ubl-1-order-cancellation-notification-1.xml
with SBS ebxmlbp-2.0_ubl-1-sbs-order-cancellation-notification-1.xml
Cancel Order - allowing denial or acceptance response
without SBS ebxmlbp-2.0_ubl-1-order-cancellation-with-response-1.xml
with SBS ebxmlbp-2.0_ubl-1-sbs-order-cancellation-with-response-1.xml
Forward Order - sending as a notification, without response
without SBS ebxmlbp-2.0_ubl-1-order-notification-1.xml
with SBS ebxmlbp-2.0_ubl-1-sbs-order-notification-1.xml
Forward Order Response - sending as a notification, without further response
without SBS ebxmlbp-2.0_ubl-1-order-response-notification-1.xml
with SBS ebxmlbp-2.0_ubl-1-sbs-order-response-notification-1.xml
Forward Order Response Simple - sending as a notification, without further response
without SBS ebxmlbp-2.0_ubl-1-order-response-simple-notification-1.xml
with SBS ebxmlbp-2.0_ubl-1-sbs-order-response-simple-notification-1.xml
Forward Order Change - sending as a notification, without response
without SBS ebxmlbp-2.0_ubl-1-order-change-notification-1.xml
with SBS ebxmlbp-2.0_ubl-1-sbs-order-change-notification-1.xml
Notify Despatch - sending as a notification, without response
without SBS ebxmlbp-2.0_ubl-1-despatch-advice-notification-1.xml
with SBS ebxmlbp-2.0_ubl-1-sbs-despatch-advice-notification-1.xml
Notify Receipt - sending as a notification, without response
without SBS ebxmlbp-2.0_ubl-1-receipt-advice-notification-1.xml
with SBS ebxmlbp-2.0_ubl-1-sbs-receipt-advice-notification-1.xml
Present Invoice - sending as a notification, without response
without SBS ebxmlbp-2.0_ubl-1-invoice-notification-1.xml
with SBS ebxmlbp-2.0_ubl-1-sbs-invoice-notification-1.xml

The definitions which specify use of UBL 1.0 SBS in the documents of the process do so by using the formal identifier (a URN) of the respective SBS subset definition. Note that these do not require use of namespaces other than those of the respective UBL documents. Any instances conforming to the SBS profile will validate against official UBL 1.0 W3C schemas, so there is no need for a new expression of the UBL schemas.

3 References

[UBL] Universal Business Language 1.0

4 Notices

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