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The terminology developed during the PLCS project has been included "as is".
A number of the terms are still in Draft

The terms defined in the terminology dictionary and in the Business DEXs.

  Definition: A Template is a precise specification of which entities (and attributes) in ISO 10303-239 PLCS should be instantiated, and which Reference DataReference Data is the collection of class definitions representing a concept used to specialize entities of the information model, to make the use of them semantically more precise. The classes are defined external to the information model and any data exchange file, and the term "External Reference Data" is therefore a synonym. should be used, to represent a concept providing documented functionality in a CapabilityA description of how EXPRESS entities are used to represent a given concept (a specific "functionality" or "capability"). It provides guidance and rules on what Entities should be used to represent a given concept, how the entities should be related, and what Reference Data should be used. As well as general guidance, a set of Templates are defined within a Capability to provide precise specifications of which Entities should be instantiated to represent identified concepts.. A Template defined and managed by the OASIS PLCS TC may be referred to as a "PLCS Template", as opposed to a "Business Template"  

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