The navigation title (<navtitle>) element is one of a set of alternate titles that can be included inside the <titlealts> element. This navigation title may differ from the first level heading that shows in the main browser window. Use <navtitle> when the actual title of the topic isn't appropriate for use in navigation panes or online contents (for example, because the actual title is too long).


<task id=progexample">
 <title>Publishing a DITA information set in PDF</title>
  <titlealts><navtitle>Publishing in PDF</navtitle></titlealts>
 <taskbody> . . . </taskbody>


Doctype Content model
ditabase, topic, task, reference, concept, glossary ( text data or keyword or option or parmname or apiname or cmdname or msgnum or varname or wintitle or term or data or data-about or foreign or unknown) (any number)

Contained by

Doctype Parents
ditabase, topic, task, concept, reference, glossary titlealts


- topic/navtitle

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