The <link> element defines a relationship to another topic. Links represent the types and roles of topics in a web of information, and therefore represent navigational links within that web. Links are typically sorted on output based on their attributes. The optional container elements for link (<linkpool> and <linklist>) allow authors to define groups with common attributes, or to preserve the authored sequence of links on output. Links placed in a <linkpool> may be rearranged for display purposes (combined with other local or map-based links); links in a <linklist> should be displayed in the order they are defined. Refer to those elements for additional explanation.


<linkpool type="concept">
<link href="czover.htm#sqljsupp"/>
<link href="czesqlj.htm#sqljemb/>


Doctype Content model
ditabase, topic, task, reference, concept, glossary ( ( linktext) (optional) then ( desc) (optional) )

Contained by

Doctype Parents
ditabase, topic, task, concept, reference, glossary related-links, linklist, linkpool


- topic/link

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