WebCGM 2.1 New-test Implementation Matrix
19 April 2009

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Lofton Henderson


This document describes the results of WebCGM 2.1 implementations tested against the module of new 2.1 tests of the WebCGM 2.1 Test Suite.

Information about the implementations and a legend explaining the table are found after the table.

new2.1 tests — new tests of features new to WebCGM 2.1

Test Name IsoView
MetaWeb Comments
aciDefaultFont (chgd 9/2) Fail Pass Fail Pass
aciSimpleFontSubsitution (chgd 9/2) Fail Pass Fail Pass
aciForceSubstitution (chgd 9/2) Fail Pass Fail Pass
aciFontNormalization (chgd 9/2) Fail Pass Fail Pass
aciGenericFonts (chgd 9/2) Fail Pass Fail Pass
aciMapListOrder (chgd 9/2) Fail Pass Fail Pass
aciLineAttr (chgd 3/23/10) Fail Pass Pass Pass See note chg1
aciEdgeAttr (chgd 3/23/10) Fail Pass Fail Pass See note chg2
aciMitreLimit (chgd 9/2) Fail Pass Pass Fail
aciRestrictedTextType (chgd 9/2) Fail Pass Pass Pass
aciLineEdgeTypeDef (chgd 9/2) Fail Pass Fail Pass
setGetBGColor Partial(-) Pass Pass Pass
setGetTextStyles (8/26 chgd) Fail Pass Pass Pass
setGetIntensity Fail Pass Pass Fail
setGetLineStyles2.0 (8/31 chgd) Fail Pass Pass Partial
setGetFillStyles2.0 (8/31 chgd) Fail Pass Pass Partial
setGetStrokeType (8/31 chgd) Fail Pass Pass Fail
setGetStrokeOffset Fail Pass Pass Fail
setGetInteriorStyle Fail Pass Pass Fail
setGetHatchIndex (9/2 chgd) Fail Pass Pass Fail
setGetPatternIndex Fail Pass Pass Fail
setGetEdgeVisibility (9/2 chgd) Fail Pass Pass Pass
setGetFillOffset2 (new I.I. 9/2) unk Pass Pass Fail
getObjectExtent (9/4 chgd) Fail Pass Pass Pass
getObjectExtentTransformed (9/4 chgd) Fail Pass Pass Pass
setView001 Pass Pass Pass Pass
setView002 Pass Pass Fail Pass
scaleAPS Fail Pass Partial Pass
rotateAPS Fail Pass Partial Pass
translateAPS Fail Pass Partial Pass
transformAPS Fail Pass Partial Pass
rotateAnimation (chgd 10/19) Fail Pass Pass Partial
translateAnimation Fail Pass Pass Pass
transformAnimation Fail Pass Pass Pass
lineAnimation Fail Pass Pass Fail
subString Fail Fail(-) Pass Pass
zCompress Pass Pass Pass Pass
setRedraw001 Pass Pass Pass Pass
setRedraw002 Fail Pass Fail Pass
spXCF unk Pass Pass Fail

static2.0 tests — new tests of static features that existed in 2.0

Test Name IsoView
MetaWeb Comments
lineOffset Fail Pass Pass Fail --
transCellColor Fail Pass Pass Fail --
alphaEscape Fail Pass Pass Fail --

Comments (from above tables)

Implementations Tested

The following table lists the Viewer implementations that are covered by the test results.

Company Name** Product Version Platform
PTC IsoView Arbortext IsoView 8.0 beta Windows XP
Larson Software Technology VizEx VizEx Web 10.0 Windows XP
System Development Inc SDI Reader SDI Reader 1.06 Windows XP
CGM Technology Services MetaWeb MetaWeb 3.2 Windows XP

** Nickname used for the viewer in the tables (to distinguish multiple viewers from a Company).


Type Description
Pass Implementation passes test
Fail(date) Implementation does not pass test. (Committed pass date)
Partial(date) Implementation passes part of the test, but not enough to give a full pass.
(Committed pass date.)
Unknown The implementation behavior is unknown or indeterminate for the test.
Inactive An implementation is planned, but not yet advanced enough for testing.