Repository Contributions, Participation, and Public Access

Who may Contribute? Contributors to this repository are expected to be Members of the OASIS Virtual I/O Device (VIRTIO) TC, for any substantive contributions. Anyone wishing to participate in the TC's technical activity is invited to join as a TC Member. Member in this context means any TC role or office other than OASIS TC Observer, per TC Process (Member, Voting Member, Persistent Non-Voting Member; Chair, Secretary...)

Persons who are not TC members are invited to open issues and provide comments using this repository's GitHub Issues tracking facility or using the TC's comment list. All such content created in GitHub Issues and/or posted to the TC's archived comment list is governed by the terms of the OASIS Feedback License.

Use of Contributions. As with all OASIS Technical Committee assets (TC Wiki, TC Issues Tracker, TC General Discussion List archives, TC OASIS Library assets), content placed into this GitHub repository is visible and publicly accessible. Subject to applicable licensing rules, the repository content may be re-used freely, including the creation and publication of derivative works.

Cloning and forking. May users clone and fork this repository? Yes. Just as versioned content maintained in any OASIS TC's SVN/Subversion repository may be checked out to a remote SVN repository and used by anyone, this GitHub repository may be forked or cloned for use by any party. Compare, e.g., svn checkout dita-doctypes.

Please see the README for general description of this repository, and the LICENSE file for licensing.