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AllocateCourtDateMessageA request to allocate a court date on the schedule.
AppelateCaseAdditional information specific to appellate cases.
BankruptcyCaseAdditional information specific to bankruptcy cases.
Base Messages
CancelFilingMessageThis is a request from the filer to the reviewer to cancel a previously submitted filing.
CaseThe relationship between two organizations in this case.
CitationCaseAdditional information specific to citation cases.
CivilCaseInformation required to initiate a new civil case in a court. "Civil" includes conservatorships, guardianships, mental health and probate.
CoreFilingMessageThe structure of a Filing including any Payment Information will be documented in this section. This describes the filing transaction between the Filing Assembly MDE and the Filing Review MDE. This information will become part of the Record Docketing between the Filing Review MDE and the Court Record MDE but does not necessarily describe the information that is actually stored in the Court Record.
CriminalCaseInformation required to initiate a new criminal case in a court. "Criminal" includes felonies and misdemeanors.
DomesticCaseInformation required to initiate a new domestic case in a court. "Domestic" includes divorces, legal separations, annulment, child custody and visitation, paternity, child support, and domestic violence cases.
GetCaseListRequestMessageThis is a query for a list of cases that match a set of criteria including case participants, case classification, case status, and date of the case was initiated.
GetCaseListResponseMessageA synchronous response to a GetCaseListQueryMessage.
GetCaseRequestMessageA message requesting a case from a court case management information system conforming to the parameter or parameters identified in the message.
GetCaseResponseMessageThe response to a GetCaseInformationQuery.
GetCourtScheduleRequestMessageA request for the schedule of upcoming events in a court
GetCourtScheduleResponseMessageThe schedule of upcoming events in a court
GetDocumentRequestMessageThe base information contained in any query message.
GetDocumentResponseMessageThe court response to a request for an electronic document in the court official record.
GetFeesCalculationRequestMessageThis query is a request for the total amount of court fees required for filing of one or more documents in a case.
GetFeesCalculationResponseMessageThe response to a CalculatedFeesQueryMessage, which may either be 0 indicating no fee is due, a currency amount indicating the fee due upon filing, or unknown indicating that the court case management information system is unable to calculate the fee for the proposed filing.
GetFilingListRequestMessageThis is query to get a list of filings by Filer Identification, Case Identifier, or time period.
GetFilingListResponseMessageA court response to a FilingListQueryMessage.
GetFilingStatusRequestMessageThis is query to get a filing status by Filing Number.
GetFilingStatusResponseMessageA court response to a FilingStatusQueryMessage.
GetPolicyRequestMessageA request for a court's Court Policy.
GetPolicyResponseMessageThe response to a request for a court Court Policy.
GetServiceInformationRequestMessageA message requesting information concerning the persons entitled to services of filings in a particular court case, together with the electronic addresses and message profiles of their Filing Assembly MDEs and their physical addresses if they are not currently using a Filing Assembly MDE.
GetServiceInformationResponseMessageThe response to a serviceInformationQueryMessage, setting forth the requested information.
JuvenileCaseA delinquency or dependency case.
MessageReceiptMessageA message returned synchronously to indicate receipt by an MDE of another message. The name "MessageReceipt" suggested by S. Durham June 30 2005, and adopted by consensus on a TC call that day. The intent is that this will serve as the synchronous reply to all MDE operations that have an additional, asynchronous callback.
NotifyCourtDateMessageThe message returned when the a court date is scheduled, generally in response to a ReserveCourtDateRequest.
NotifyDocketingCompleteMessageThe message returned from the Court Record MDE to the Filing Review MDE when the functions of entering information onto the docket or register of actions and commiting a filed document(s) to the official court record have been completed, conveying the results of those functions.
NotifyDocumentStampInformationMessageA response to a request for document stamping information.
NotifyFilingReviewCompleteMessageThe asynchronous message from the Filing Review MDE to the Filing Assembly MDE conveying information concerning the court actions on the documents submitted for filing in a ReviewFilingMessage.
PaymentMessageThe payment submitted with a filing. The payment may consist of a fee for filing of the document(s) submitted, or for a fine or other payment due to the court.
Person Organization Relationships
RecordDocketingMessageMessage resulting from clerk review and edit of a ReviewFilingMessage.
ReserveCourtDateMessageA request to allocate a court date on the schedule.
ServeProcessMessageA message to deliver a filing to a process server.
ServiceReceiptMessageA synchronous response by a Filing Assembly MDE acknowledging receipt of a service message for one of its clients.