ID attributes (%id-atts;) is a parameter entity declaration in the topic DTD that includes attributes that enable the naming and referencing of elements in a DITA topic: id and conref.


Name Description Data Type Default Value Required?
id An anchor point. This ID is the target for references by href and conref attributes, and for external applications that refer to DITA content. ID #IMPLIED No
conref This attribute is used to reference an ID on content that can be reused. For example, you could create a <note> in a topic and then reference its ID (using conref) from a <note> in another topic. During output processing, a lookup process will pull the contents of the first note into the note that has the conref attribute.

The conref value follows the same conventions as HTML for what HTML calls a "fragment identifier"—a required "#" separator separates an optional filename from the fully qualified id (in the form topicid/elementid). To refer to target content in a different file, put the full URL of that topic before the # character.

Same file: 
In different file: 


The %id-atts; parameter entity is used within the DITA dtds as a common definition for attributes available to most elements that enable you to name or reference (link to or fetch) the content of particular elements. Some typical examples include:

<p id="mainpara">The war cry of Kudzu University, <q id="warcry">To the victor 
go the spoils!</q>, is often heard on campus during freshman orientation.</p>
<p id="dullpara">One often hears the cry, <q conref="#topicid/warcry"/>, when 
students are competing in intramural sports.</p>

OASIS DITA Language Specification v1.0 -- 09 May 2005
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