3.11.9 Other common attributes

These common attributes are used across a wide variety of elements, with the common definition included below. These attributes are not defined as a group, and many elements only specify one or two from this list.

@keyref provides a redirectable reference based on a key defined within a map. See The keyref attribute for information on using this attribute.
Names a role that the element is playing. The role must be consistent with the basic semantic and expectations for the element. In particular, the @outputclass attribute can be used for styling during output processing; HTML output will typically preserve @outputclass for CSS processing.
Indicates close vertical spacing between list items. Expanded spacing is the processing default. The output result of compact spacing depends on the processor or browser. Allowable values are:
Indicates compact spacing.
Indicates expanded spacing.
See Using the -dita-use-conref-target value for more information.
This attribute is provided on <pre>, <lines>, and on elements specialized from those. It ensures that parsers in editors and transforms respect the white space, including line-end characters, that is part of the data in those elements. It is intended to be part of the default properties of these elements, and not for authors to change or delete. When defined, it has a fixed value of "preserve".
Identifies a location within another map file where this map will be anchored at runtime. Resolution of the map is deferred until the final step in the delivery of any rendered content. For example, anchorref="map1.ditamap/a1" causes this map to be pulled into the location of the anchor point "a1" inside map1.ditamap when map1.ditamap is rendered for delivery.
Identifies the map, if any, from which the contained links or metadata are derived. This value might be automatically generated by a process that creates the links or metadata based on map context, as a way to identify which map the material came from. If the <linklist>, or <linkpool>, or metadata is manually created by an author, there is no need to use this attribute. Note that this attribute is not related to the @keyref attribute, and is not used for key based processing.

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