XACML References and Products, Version 1.73

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Version: 1.73
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These lists include publications, standards, products, and specifications that contain substantial information about XACML or make use of XACML in a substantial way. These are listed here solely for the information of parties interested in XACML. By including these links, neither the XACML TC, nor OASIS itself, is endorsing, recommending, or guaranteeing the accuracy of the referenced statements, publications, standards, or products in any way. Neither the XACML TC nor OASIS itself guarantees the completeness or accuracy of the information in this list of references. This list may be modified at any time as further information about these or other publications and products becomes known. Additional submissions for listings and corrections are invited by the editor.



This bibliography includes papers, articles, presentations, specifications, and other publications that contain substantial information about XACML or make use of XACML in a substantial way.








This list includes open standards that reference XACML.

Products and Deployments

This list includes products and deployments that make substantial use of XACML and that have been announced publicly. Readers should keep in mind that this is an incomplete list of XACML deployments. For security reasons, enterprises are frequently unwilling to publicize the security mechanisms they use internally, and many deployments of XACML fall into this category. In other cases, XACML is used internal to products, but is not exposed, and the vendor has chosen not to disclose this internal use.

XACML Attribute Definitions

There is no official registry for XACML Attributes. This list includes links to specifications that define XACML Attributes. Inclusion in this list does not imply any status as standards for these specifications.