Identify Issuesuse caseHelp potential litigants identify typical legal problems that they might have.
Help potential litigants identify related legal problems.
IncomeAmountattributeThis flag will indicate that the dollar amount provided is the income for the Income Period. Whether the relevant income amount is net, gross, before or after taxes, etc., is up to the source and receiving systems to calibrate.
IncomePeriodattributeUser can designate if the income information will be bi-weekly, monthly, annually, etc.
IncomeSourceattributeThis flag indicates the name of the employer, entity, or individual provide the Income Type. Income Source should be associated with Income Type and there can be multiple Income Sources for Income Types.
IncomeTypeattributeThis flag indicates the types of income a user has. There can be multiple income types, such as wages, interest income, alimony, etc..
Interfaces and Operationsclass view
IssueClaimAmountattributeClaim amounts associated with Issue Types from historical data from Provider's case records.
IssueIdentifiedBySystemattributeIf the portal or system has the capability to determine legal issues based on user interactions, the legal issues identified can be marked as having been system generated. Based on user description of their issues, the Problem Identification module can determine legal or non-legal issues at hand. (Issue Types will be mapped to existing standardized lists, such as LSC or NSMI. For general non-legal issues, lists such as Open Referral can be used).
IssueIdentifiedByUserattributeIf the portal or system does not have the capability of determining legal issues or if the user also has the ability to self-identify their legal issue, this data element will mark the legal issue as having been user identified.
IssueLocalJurisdictionattributeLocality (city, county, federal district, etc.) where historical data reporting Provider is based.
IssueResolutionAmountattributeIssue Resolution Amount, associated with Issue Resolution Types and Issue Claim Amount, from historical data from Provider's case records.
IssueResolutionTypeattributeTypes of resolution (i.e., settlement, vacated unit, etc.), associated with Issue Claim Types, from historical data from Provider's case records.
IssueStateJurisdictionattributeState where historical data reporting Provider is based.
IssueTypeattributeIssue types (i.e. Unpaid loans, will creation, etc.) from historical data from Provider's case records. Issue Types will be mapped to standardized lists such as LSC or NSMI)