The <lcWorkEnv> describes the working conditions and contexts in which the training will be applied.


Note: These models represent only the default document types distributed by OASIS. Actual content models will differ with each new document type.
Doctype Content model
learningPlan ( (title) (optional) then (lcWorkEnvDescription) (optional) then (lcPlanResources) (optional) then (lcProcesses) (optional) )

Contained by

Doctype Content model
learningPlan lcNeedsAnalysis


- topic/fig learningBase/fig learningPlan/lcWorkEnv


        <title>Work Environment</title>
        <lcWorkEnvDescription>All learners work in a typical office environment.</lcWorkEnvDescription>
        <lcPlanResources>You need lots of pencils.</lcPlanResources>
        <lcProcesses>Follow these processes:
            <li>Fill our the pencil request form.</li>
            <li>Sharpen the pencils as soon as they arrive, to keep them fresh.</li>


Name Description Data Type Default Value Required?
display-atts attribute group (scale, frame, expanse) A set of related attributes, described in display-atts attribute group      
spectitle The specialized title attribute allows architects of specialized types to define a fixed or default title for a specialized element. Not intended for direct use by authors. CDATA #IMPLIED No
univ-atts attribute group (includes select-atts, id-atts, and localization-atts groups) A set of related attributes, described in univ-atts attribute group      
global-atts attribute group (xtrf, xtrc) A set of related attributes, described in global-atts attribute group      
class, outputclass Common attributes described in Other common DITA attributes      

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