The <bookmap> element is a map specialization used to describe the relationships among a set of DITA topics intended to be configured as a traditional book. Bookmaps consist of references to topics organized as book content. The topic references therefore are labeled according to the book components they point to, such as booktitle, frontmatter, chapter, and appendix.

The containing element for a bookmap is the <bookmap> element, which can take title, id, conref, and anchorref attributes. Within the bookmap, use the various book components and subcomponents to add and organize references to the topics comprising the book. You can use the bookmap element to set default attribute values for all topic references in the map.


Note: These models represent only the default document types distributed by OASIS. Actual content models will differ with each new document type.
Doctype Content model
bookmap, learningBookmap ( ( (title) or (booktitle) ) (optional) then (bookmeta) (optional) then (frontmatter) (optional) then (chapter) (any number) then (part) (any number) then ( (appendices) (optional) or (appendix) (any number) ) then (backmatter) (optional) then (reltable) (any number) )

Contained by

This element is not contained by any other elements.


- map/map bookmap/bookmap


<bookmap xml:lang="en-us">
    <booklibrary>Books about stuff</booklibrary>
    <mainbooktitle>A book about one thing</mainbooktitle>
    <bookabstract href="MyBookAbstract.dita"/>
    <preface href="preface.dita"></preface>
  <chapter href="chapter1.dita">
    <topicref href="subchap1.dita"></topicref>
  <chapter href="chapter2.dita">
    <topicref href="subchap2.dita"></topicref>
  <appendix href="app1.dita">
    <topicref href="insideApp1.dita"></topicref>
  <appendix href="app2.dita">
    <topicref href="insideApp2.dita"></topicref>
    <amendments href="updatesToTheBook.dita"/>
      <trademarklist href="listoftrademarks.dita"/>


Name Description Data Type Default Value Required?
id An anchor point. This ID is the target for references by href and conref attributes and for external applications that refer to DITA content. See ID attribute in the Architectural Specification for more details. NMTOKEN #IMPLIED No
conref This attribute is used to reference an ID on a map that can be reused. See The conref attribute for examples and details about the syntax. CDATA #IMPLIED No
anchorref Identifies a location within another map file where this map will be anchored at runtime. Resolution of the map is deferred until the final step in the delivery of any rendered content. For example, anchorref="map1.ditamap/a1" causes this map to be pulled into the location of the anchor point "a1" inside map1.ditamap when map1.ditamap is rendered for delivery. CDATA #IMPLIED No
xmlns:ditaarch Declares the default DITA namespace.   "http://dita.​oasis-open.​org/​architecture/​2005/"  
DITAArchVersion Designates the version of the architecture that is in use. The default value will increase with each release of DITA. CDATA "1.2" No
domains Indicates the specialized domains that are included in the DTD or Schema. This value will differ depending on what domains are included in the current DTD or Schema. CDATA Varies based on the DTD or Schema; a sample value is "(topic ui-d) (topic hi-d) (topic pr-d) (topic sw-d) (topic ut-d) (topic indexing-d)" No
topicref-atts attribute group (collection-type, processing-role, type, scope, locktitle, format, linking, toc, print, search, chunk) A set of related attributes. See topicref-atts, topicref-atts-no-toc, and topicref-atts-without-format attribute groups.      
select-atts attribute group (props, base, platform, product, audience, otherprops, importance, rev, status) A set of related attributes, described in select-atts attribute group      
localization-atts attribute group (translate, xml:lang, dir) A set of related attributes, described in localization-atts attribute group.      
global-atts attribute group (xtrf, xtrc) A set of related attributes, described in global-atts attribute group      
class, outputclass Common attributes described in Other common DITA attributes      

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