Transitional text solutions

Topic orientation does not mean that transitions cannot be authored in DITA. The key to providing both locational independence and intentional sequences is the adroit use of DITA markup features.

The print attribute on the topicref element includes the value, "printonly", which may be used to indicate that the topic be omitted when the DITA map is transformed to a format for which transitions are unnecessary. Consequently, a topic designated as "printonly" may be written in any style that serves as a transitional topic in the flow of printed information.

You can also use conditional text to insert transitional sequences into a map so that you can include or exclude the content of short descriptions or paragraphs at the end of a topic. However, if you share conditionally marked topics with other business partners or teams, you must instruct them on the proper runtime settings to enable the conditions to be used the way you intended.

DITA does not preclude authoring transitional text; it does provide an environment that allows you to tag and manage transitional elements apart from surrounding, topic-encapsulated information.

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