3.3.1 lcPlanResources

The <lcPlanResources> describes resource needs.


Note: These models represent only the default document types distributed by OASIS. Actual content models will differ with each new document type.
Doctype Content model
learningPlan ( text data or dl or fig or imagemap or lcInteractionBase or lcTrueFalse or lcSingleSelect or lcMultipleSelect or lcSequencing or lcMatching or lcHotspot or lcOpenQuestion or image or lines or lq or note or lcInstructornote or object or ol or pre or simpletable or sl or table or ul or boolean or cite or keyword or ph or b or i or sup or sub or tt or u or q or term or tm or xref or state or data or data-about or foreign or unknown or draft-comment or fn or indextermref or indexterm or required-cleanup) (any number)

Contained by

Doctype Content model
learningPlan lcWorkEnv


- topic/p learningBase/p learningPlan/lcPlanResources


        <title>Work Environment</title>
        <lcWorkEnvDescription>All learners work in a typical office environment.</lcWorkEnvDescription>
        <lcPlanResources>You need lots of pencils.</lcPlanResources>
        <lcProcesses>Follow these processes:
            <li>Fill our the pencil request form.</li>
            <li>Sharpen the pencils as soon as they arrive, to keep them fresh.</li>


Name Description Data Type Default Value Required?
univ-atts attribute group (includes select-atts, id-atts, and localization-atts groups) A set of related attributes, described in univ-atts attribute group      
global-atts attribute group (xtrf, xtrc) A set of related attributes, described in global-atts attribute group      
class, outputclass Common attributes described in Other common DITA attributes      

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