The <metadata> section of the prolog contains information about a topic such as audience and product information. Metadata can be used by computational processes to select particular topics or to prepare search indexes or to customize navigation. Elements inside of <metadata> provide information about the content and subject of a topic; prolog elements outside of <metadata> provide lifecycle information for the content unit (such as the author or copyright), which are unrelated to the subject.

metadata elements provide keywords/categories/metadata about the content/subject - stuff outside provides lifecycle info for the content unit, regardless of its subject (like who authored, etc.)


    <audience type="user" job="using" experiencelevel="novice"/>


Doctype Content model
ditabase, topic, task, reference, concept, glossary ( ( audience) (any number) then ( category) (any number) then ( keywords) (any number) then ( prodinfo) (any number) then ( othermeta) (any number) then ( data or data-about or foreign or unknown) (any number) )

Contained by

Doctype Parents
ditabase, topic, task, concept, reference, glossary prolog


- topic/metadata


Name Description Data Type Default Value Required?
mapkeyref Identifies the map, if any, from which the contained links are derived. This value is automatically generated by the same process that creates the links from the map, as a way to identify which map the links came from. If the <linklist> or <linkpool> is manually created by the author, there is no need to use this attribute. CDATA #IMPLIED No
%univ-atts; (%select-atts;, %id-atts;, %localization-atts;) A set of related attributes, described at %univ-atts; parameter entity PE not applicable Not applicable
%global-atts; (xtrf, xtrc) A set of related attributes, described at %global-atts; parameter entity PE not applicable Not applicable
class Common attribute described in Other common DITA attributes.      

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