Using the class attribute

Applying an XSLT template based on class attribute values allows a transform to be applied to whole branches of element types, instead of just a single element type.

Wherever you would check for element name (any XPath statement that contains an element name value), you need to change this to instead check the contents of the element's class attribute. Even if the element is unknown to the processor, the class attribute can let the transform know that the element belongs to a class of known elements, and can be safely treated according to the rules for that class.

Be sure to include a leading and trailing blank in your class attribute string check. Otherwise you could get false matches (without the blanks, 'task/step' would match on both 'task/step' and on 'notatask/stepaway').

Make sure that when you create a transform that targets more than one type that you give the more specific rules a higher precedence to avoid conflicts. For example, when you combine the existing processing rules for topics with more specific processing rules for tasks, use a shell file to import both sets of rules and use import precedence to ensure task-specific rules will not conflict with generic rules for topics.

Example: match statement for list items

<xsl:template match="li">


<xsl:template match="*[contains(@class,' topic/li ')]">

This match statement will work on any li element it encounters. It will also work on step and appstep elements, even though it doesn't know what they are specifically, because the class attribute tells the template what they are generally.

Example: match statement for steps

<xsl:template match="*[contains(@class,' task/step ')]">

This match statement won't work on generic li elements, but it will work on both step elements and appstep elements; even though it doesn't know what an appstep is, it knows to treat it like a step.

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