Topic modules

There are three basic modules in topic: for tables, for metadata, and for everything else.

tblDecl.mod (DTD)
tblDeclMod.xsd, tblDeclGrp.xsd (Schema)
Defines the elements for authoring tables, based on the CALS table model but with some DITA-specific extensions.
metaDecl.mod (DTD)
metaDeclMod.xsd, metaDeclGrp.xsd (Schema)
Defines metadata elements. Also used by DITA maps, where metadata can be defined for multiple topics at once.
topicAttr.mod, topicDefn.ent (DTD only - folded into other schema files))
Common DITA attributes and entities.
xml.xsd, ditaarch.xsd (Schema only - folded into other DTD files)
Common XML attributes and the DITA architecture version attribute
topic.mod (DTD)
topicMod.xsd, topicGrp.xsd (Schema)
Defines the rest of the elements in a topic.

OASIS DITA Architectural Specification v1.0 -- 09 May 2005
Copyright (c) OASIS Open 2005. All Rights Reserved.