Inheritance of attributes and metadata

Some of the attributes and metadata in a map can be inherited based on the structures in the map.

Inheritance is additive except where this would cause a conflict. When there is a conflict, the value defined closest to the topicref takes effect.

The following attributes and metadata elements are inheritable:
audience, platform, product, otherprops, rev
linking, toc, print, search
chunk, format, scope, type
author, source, publisher, copyright, critdates, permissions
audience, category, keywords, prodinfo, othermeta

Attributes and metadata can be defined at the root level (attributes on the map element itself, topicmeta as a direct child of the map element) to apply them to the entire map. They can also be applied at any point in a hierarchy, group, or table. Tables can be particularly useful for attribute and metadata management, since they can be applied to entire columns or rows as well as individual cells.

OASIS DITA Architectural Specification v1.0 -- 09 May 2005
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