The <lcMatching> element was deprecated in DITA version 1.3. It was replaced with the <lcMatching2> element. It was originally intended to allow the learner to identify the correct choice that matches another choice and, optionally, any feedback for the pair or for correct or incorrect matches.

Content models

See appendix for information about this element in OASIS document type shells.


+ topic/fig learningInteractionBase-d/lcInteractionBase learning-d/lcMatching


<!--Matching Interaction                    -->
<lcMatching id="matching">
  <title>Matching teams with cities</title>
  <lcQuestion>Match the team with the city.</lcQuestion>
      <lcMatchingItem>Red Sox</lcMatchingItem>
        <lcFeedbackCorrect>The Red Sox play in Boston's Fenway Park</lcFeedbackCorrect>
        <lcFeedbackIncorrect>That is not Boston's home team</lcFeedbackIncorrect>
      <lcItem>San Francisco</lcItem>
        <lcFeedbackCorrect>The Giants play in San Franciso's Candlestick Park</lcFeedbackCorrect>
        <lcFeedbackIncorrect>That is not San Franciso's home team</lcFeedbackIncorrect>
        <lcFeedbackCorrect>The Cubs play in Chicago's Wrigley Field</lcFeedbackCorrect>
        <lcFeedbackIncorrect>That is not Chicago's home team.</lcFeedbackIncorrect>
      <lcMatchingItem>Blue Jays</lcMatchingItem>
        <lcFeedbackCorrect>The Blue Jays play in Toronto's SkyDome</lcFeedbackCorrect>
        <lcFeedbackIncorrect>That is not Toronto's home team.</lcFeedbackIncorrect>


The following attributes are available on this element: Universal attribute group (with a narrowed definition of @id, given below) and outputclass.

Defines an ID by which the element can be referenced.

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