ID attribute group

The ID attribute group includes attributes that enable the naming and referencing of elements in topics and maps.

An anchor point. This ID is the target for references by @href and @conref attributes and for external applications that refer to DITA content. This attribute is defined with the XML data type NMTOKEN, except where noted for specific elements within the language reference. See ID attribute in the Architectural Specification for more details.
This attribute is used to reference an ID on content that can be reused. See The conref attribute for examples and details about the syntax.
The @conrefend attribute is used when reusing a range of elements through @conref. The syntax is the same as for the @conref attribute; see The conrefend attribute for examples.
This attribute enables users to push content into a new location. Allowable values are mark, pushafter, pushbefore, pushreplace, and -dita-use-conref-target. See The conaction attribute for examples and details about the syntax.
Allows the conref feature to operate using a key instead of a URI. See The conkeyref attribute for more details about the syntax and behaviors.

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