Branch filtering: Implications of processing order

Because the branch filtering process can result in new or renamed keys, key scopes, or URIs, the full effects of the branch filtering process MUST be calculated by processors before they construct the effective map and key scope structure.

Note: The @keyref attribute and related attributes are explicitly disallowed on <ditavalref>. This prevents any confusion resulting from a @keyref that resolves to additional key- or resource-renaming metadata.

In general, the DITA specification refrains from mandating a processing order; thus publication results can vary slightly depending on the order in which processes are run. With branch filtering, processors are not required to apply filter conditions specified outside of the map and filter conditions specified with <ditavalref> at the same time in a publishing process.

For example, a processor might use the following processing order:

  1. Apply externally-specified filter conditions to maps
  2. Apply filtering based on <ditavalref> elements

Because externally-specified "exclude" conditions always take precedence over branch-specific conditions, content excluded based on external conditions will always be removed, regardless of the order in which processors evaluate conditions.

Processors should consider the following points when determining a processing order:

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