The <lcProject> provides learning content project plan description information.

Content models

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- topic/section learningBase/section learningPlan/lcProject


<learningPlan id="learningPlanTest"> 
    <title>Learning Plan</title> 
    <shortdesc>It's always good to provide a plan. 
                <p>Joint work group 
                <title>Plan Title</title> 
                <p>Joint goals learning plan. 
                <title>Joint WG</title>
                <title>Modification Date</title> 
                <title>Delivery Date</title> 
                <p>This course covers the goals of the Joint WG. 
                <title>Plan Description</title> 
                <p>The goal of the Joint WG module is to provide learners with a broad overview
  of the Joint WG. 
                <p>This course assumes you have mastery of JWG 101 (Fundamentals of Joint
  Workgroups) or the equivalent. 


The following attributes are available on this element: Universal attribute group , outputclass, and spectitle.