The <dvrResourcePrefix> element specifies the prefix to use when constructing the effective file names of the resources that are referenced from within the map branch that is implied by the ancestor <ditavalref> element.

For map branches that are implied by <ditavalref> elements, the value of the <dvrResourcePrefix> element contributes to the effective file names of resources that are referenced within the branch. The effective resource file name starts with the value of the <dvrResourcePrefix> element. If @copy-to is specified on a topic reference where <dvrResourcePrefix> or <dvrResourceSuffix> based renaming is in effect, the prefixes or suffixes are applied to the resource name inside the @copy-to attribute.

Some resources are not eligible for renaming, such as those marked with scope="external". Rules for which resources are eligible for renaming, and what names are allowed as valid resource names, are the same as those for the @copy-to attribute defined in Topicref element attributes group .

Content models

See appendix for information about this element in OASIS document type shells.


+ topic/data ditavalref-d/dvrResourcePrefix


If the <dvrResourcePrefix> is specified in the following way:
<topicref href="branch-01.dita">
  <ditavalref href="condition-01.ditaval">
  <topicref href="topics/subtopic-01.dita"/>

Then the effective file name of the resource subtopic-01.dita is cond01-subtopic-01.dita, as though the @copy-to attribute had been specified with that value on the <topicref> element that references subtopic-01.dita. Similarly, the effective file name of resource branch-01.dita is cond01-branch-01.dita.


The following attributes are available on this element: Universal attribute group (except for @conkeyref, which is removed for all elements in this domain) and the attribute defined below.

The name of the metadata item. For this element the default value is "dvrResourcePrefix".